Apartment - Upper East Side, New York City

In this 400sqft budget-conscious project we wanted to celebrate the urban features we uncovered during the renovation and combine them with other playful elements. We decided to expose the main brick wall and retain the metal frame underneath as an architectural detail, then juxtapose that with intense colors and bold graphic patterns. The result is a space that does not take itself too seriously, where each room has a strong personality that delivers a happy experience. We used high street as well as vintage pieces to tell a more interesting story. An old oak window frame found at a local salvage yard has been repurposed as a coffee table by adding industrial casters to the bottom, black steel to the edges and whitewashed all over.  The previously uninspiring bedroom dresser has been upholstered in black and white Ikat fabric. Concrete blocks create an interesting bedside table with subtle display niches. Custom artwork by The New Design Project.

Photography: Alan Gastelum